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November 06, 2009



The Motorola Droid is now available in the Verizon and Motorola US/CA packages in DeviceAnywhere!

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This is a piece of information that some customers had requested to make always visible. Another is the view panel; the left-most panel now shows all of the sub-tabs in a view, instead of those tabs being available at the top of the workspace area - giving us more room for the device. The view panel can also be minimized, while maintaining selectability of the different sub-tabs as shown below. Here I left-clickd on the second icon (the Test Case Manager - a new feature that I will cover in detail in a subsequent post) and the three available tabs appear and can be selected.

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Almost all of the respondents use DeviceAnywhere Test Center for QA'ing applications. This is no surprise, however, it is a much higher percentage than we have seen in previous years. In general, customers are finding more uses for DeviceAnywhere Test Center than in the past.


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