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January 26, 2010


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Customers with lower bandwidth connections, or who may be physically located far away from the actual device they are using, can often experience key press latency (they press a key on a device in Studio, and the screen update takes a few seconds). This is most noticeable on high resolution and large screen devices, because for each change on the screen, DeviceAnywhere ships the pixel per pixel image to your computer. The more pixels, the more data is sent, and as a result the longer it can take.


Almost all of the respondents use DeviceAnywhere Test Center for QA'ing applications. This is no surprise, however, it is a much higher percentage than we have seen in previous years. In general, customers are finding more uses for DeviceAnywhere Test Center than in the past.

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A couple of other UI changes were also made: one is the visible phone number at the top of an acquired device's tab. This is a piece of information that some customers had requested to make always visible. Another is the view panel; the left-most panel now shows all of the sub-tabs in a view, instead of those tabs being available at the top of the workspace area - giving us more room for the device. The view panel can also be minimized, while maintaining selectability of the different sub-tabs as shown below. Here I left-clickd on the second icon (the Test Case Manager - a new feature that I will cover in detail in a subsequent post) and the three available tabs appear and can be selected.

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